(Me == Computers) != Classical ?

Since I have beeen asked "are there any cultural events you are going to?" I wondered about things which may be counted as "cultural valuable".

So here we start:

The Turrican Suite played on two pianos:

The Ghost 'n Goblins theme played on piano:

Cozy summer festivals 2012

2012 summer festivals mentionable for the clubbing party world

Licht gaat uit vanacht!

Meer dan 85 % van de Nederlanders ergert zich aan nachtelijke kantoorverlichting waarmee bedrijven en instellingen een hoop energie verspillen. Daarom Energieverspillers: Licht uit! *lach*

The Harder Styles@TomorrowLand

BOOM - Prinzipiell sagt das schon alles!

Q-Dance Feestfabriek 2010 - A Decade of Dedication

So genau stell ich mir das vor, wenn man ein 10 jähriges Jubiläum feiert! Jetzt sag einer nochmal die Holländer wissen nicht wie man es richtig krachen lässt *lach*

Decibel 2010 Festival Invitation

The people will all yell: Power Is Measured In Decibel! Decibel Outdoor Festival Official Trailer - 21.8.2010 Beekse Bergen Hilvarenbeek

Welcome to the Q-Dance Feestfabriek!

Q-Dance would like to invite you to celebrate the 10 years anniversary of themselves and the harder styles music. Party located at Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam / Holland, on 10. July 2010.
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